Urquhart Bluff to Airey Lighthouse Track & Local Information

Urquhart Bluff to Airey Lighthouse Track & Local Information

This Cliff walk winds along the top of tall limestone cliffs, providing breath-taking views of the rugged coastline, ocean scenery, secluded beaches and tidal rock pools.

The track begins 50 metres behind the Urquhart Bluff toilet block, between the two pine posts. It departs uphill toward the Great Ocean Road before swinging west (left) and continuing to climb. It follows a well-used but rough track as it heads toward Aireys Inlet Lighthouse.

There are several up and downhill sections providing spectacular views of the coast, the bush and the Lighthouse along the route.

It is strongly advised that you stay on the coastal track and follow the track down to Sunnymeade for 30m then go back onto the coastal track. Please do not walk along the beach at any other sections as there are changing tides, rocky outcrops, winds, and sudden swells which makes the beach route unpassable and dangerous.

Be prepared for the walk to take longer than it normally would to do this distance – because of the track conditions. One way walking would take between 1 ½ hours and 2 hours but this depends if you are stopping to look at the beautiful views and taking photos. Running may take between 30mins – 1hour depending upon your pace.

The whole course to the Aireys Lighthouse and return is 12km.

Parking Signs and Yellow Lines?

Parking Inspectors are out in force over the summer period, so please take note of the No Standing signs and time limits.

Cars are not permitted to park where there are yellow lines.

Is the track suitable for wheelchairs, prams, walkers?

Unfortunately, the whole track is not suitable for wheelchairs, prams or walkers. It is a single-person track, but the good news is that you can park 500m in a carpark on Lighthouse Road which is sealed, and you can walk in from there and touch the lighthouse

How long will it take to walk it?

Please allow between 1.30hrs and 2.30hrs one way to walk the track. It all depends upon how long you would like to rest, take photos and look at the beautiful views along the way.

Amenities on the track

Public Toilets are located at the Urquharts Bluff Car Park.

There is no drinking water available on this track.

Café patrons can use the private toilet facilities near the Lighthouse at the end of the track. Otherwise, there are public toilets 100m down a track behind the lighthouse.

What can you see in the coastal health lands?

For information go to www.angair.org.au

What else can I do in Aireys Inlet or Anglesea?

For information go to www.aireysinlet.org.au or www.visitsurfcoast.com

Where can I stay in Aireys Inlet or Anglesea?

We recommend Ocean Inlet Holiday Accommodation.

Book a stay at Ocean Inlet during January 2021 and show your cap or registration from the Lighthouse Classic and 50% of your tariff will be donated to the Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institutewww.oceaninlet.com

Where can I eat in Aireys Inlet or Anglesea?

We recommend:

The Lighthouse Tea Rooms

Homemade cakes and scones, delicious coffee, loose leaf teas, breakfast and lunch.  All at the foot of the lighthouse


A La Grecque Restaurant

Fresh, seasonal & simple in Greek – Australian style

Open for lunch and dinner www.alagrecque.com.au

Track Tips:

  • There are no toilets until you reach the lighthouse.
  • Start with a slight incline with a few rocky steps on the way up.
  • 500m in, there is a beautiful view and a seat for a rest if need be, after the incline.
  • At 600m go straight ahead, do not take the fork to the right
  • 800m stay on the single track
  • 1km shade from the overhead canopies and beautiful views of the ocean on the left
  • At 1.6km there is a gate, turn left
  • 2km tea trees on each side of the track
  • Take in the views back to Urquhart’s, Lascelles Bay, and Point Road Night Point in the far distance.
  • At 2.2km stay on track, do not go on the track to the left, see beautiful views of Sunnymeade.
  • At 2.5km see the signpost for the Great Ocean Road walk and go left. You will be able to spot Sunnymeade.
  • Take the 50 stairs down and onto Sunnymeade beach, but be careful down these stairs, there is railing that you may hold on to if need be. Be cautious of runners too.
  • Ramp and steps to the beach, on the beach turn right
  • 30m along the beach and turn right up a set of stairs, slight incline to the top of the cliff
  • At the top, have a breather and look down at Sunnymeade and you may see a surfer catching a wave.
  • At 3.2km keep to your left along the coastal walk, do not take the path to the right
  • There is a good viewing point at 3.3km, looking down onto the beach, rock formations and the beautiful blue colours of the ocean
  • At 3.8km seating to rest and take in the view
  • Always keep to the left on the coastal track
  • At 4.3km look over Sandy Gully, and go through the carpark and stay on the dirt road, as there is a detour on the track.
  • Slight incline, for those runners you may like to challenge your friends on this stretch for a bit of kudos on Strava for a segment.
  • 5km go left back onto the coastal track and then right
  • At 5.5km views down onto Steps beach
  • Follow the single track then turn left onto the road again and you can see the lighthouse in front of you.
  • The final few hundred metres on a sealed road takes you past The Lighthouse Tea Room Café and brings you to the viewing platforms and the Lighthouse
  • At the Lighthouse it is 6km. Touch the lighthouse for someone who has been touched by cancer.

You can either go around the lighthouse and return along the track or finish there and enjoy the views. You may like to enjoy coffee or lunch at the Lighthouse Tea Rooms.

Show your cap and buy a drink. The Lighthouse Tea Rooms will donate the value of your purchase to cancer research.

All participants are encouraged to post a photo on Instagram with YOUR CAPS ON as you touch the Lighthouse.

Variations and Options

  • Park your car at the Sunnymeade carpark and walk to the lighthouse and back. It is 6km and all relatively flat without stairs. Better for those with prams and young children.
  • Park at Sandy Gully and walk to the lighthouse and back
  • Park anywhere along Eagle Rock Road and walk to the lighthouse and back
  • Park at Steps to walk 500m to the lighthouse 1km return