This research is focused in empowering the immune system to fight disease, and in particular cancer. We are undertaking studies on the immunology of cancer and the role of T cell subsets, NKT cells, MAIT (mucosal associated invariant T) cells and gamma-delta T cells. It is hypothesized that defects in the immune system may predispose to cancer, or allow it to progress, and that treatments that enhance immunity may improve outcomes in patients with cancer.

This research covers Colorectal, Ovarian, Breast, Renal, Lung, Melanoma and Pancreato-Biliary cancers, as well as haematological cancers.

Group Leaders
  • Professor Stuart Berzins
  • Professor George Kannourakis
  • Dr Prashanth Prithviraj
  • Dr. Sharon Olsen
  • Brendan Toohey
PhD Candidates
  • Tobias Meredith
  • Jason Kelly
  • Marice Alcantara
  • Tameka Develyn
  • Revati Pattani