Cross Dress for Cancer Research - Postie Ride

24th Oct 2015
Horsham, VIC
Goal Amount Total Amount Raised
$40 000 $37,486.67

What's this fundraiser about?

We're just 10 blokes cross dressed on old postie bikes riding from the start of the mighty Murray River in the Mount Kosciuszko National Park to it's month into the Indian Ocean in South Australia - raising money for Cancer Research in memory of our father and grandfather Kevin Morrow.

After the recent passing of Kevin we've decided we wanted to help raise money for cancer research. Professor George Kannourakis's care and attention of Dad was truly amazing - his research Institute The Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute are doing amazing things searching for a cure for cancer.

Shannon, Wade, Gavin and Daniel Morrow along with Chris Roche, Matt Cross and Ben Consedine are planning on riding postie bikes from Khancobhan (NSW) and following the Murray River through Echuca, Mildura, Renmark to the mouth of the Murray in SA at Goolwa. Over 1,600kms in October 2015.

Between now and then we are going to be fundraising in many different ways so keep an eye out for us. We will keep you up to date through our Facebook page with pictures, videos and info. Check it out:

If you would like to support us with accommodation, fuel, food or even the odd cold beer please contact us via or our facebook page.