Support a PhD Student

Sponsoring a PhD Student is a wonderful way to support the Institute and studies of an outstanding graduate student.

A named scheme could be established in your honour where an outstanding PhD candidate is awarded the scholarship to pursue cutting edge research at the Institute under the supervision of Prof George Kannourakis and Associate Professor Stuart Berzins.

You would receive acknowledgement of your support throughout the 3.5 year candidature, including in scientific presentations by the student or group leaders at national and international conferences, and in press coverage of the research. The student and/or more senior researchers would be available to attend events nominated by yourself to acknowledge the support and provide lay descriptions of the research being conducted by the Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute scientists.

The funds could be provided to attract a new student, or to support the scholarship of newly appointed PhD candidates in the Institutes research laboratory.

To learn more about supporting a PhD student at the Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute please contact our office anytime on (03) 53 313101 or email