Adding colour to 2020

Every day, in a collective bid to stem the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, people across the world are closing their doors and staying at home.

We are all impacted by the coronavirus in some way. For most of us, it influences our livelihoods, our family and social interaction, our independence and our freedom. And while we wonder how long this new COVID normal will last, we try to find things to occupy our minds, hearts and well-washed hands.

Because creativity cannot be shut down, The Ballarat Arts Foundation (BAF) wants to see what you are doing behind all those closed doors.

We have partnered with the Ballarat Arts Foundation and engaged Ballarat botanical artist, Paige Duggan, to create beautiful floral colouring in page, capturing the hope of our logos cornflower.

This is part of BAF broader #creativecorona project. The initiative was designed to give all artists a chance to express their creative side, and encouraged people to think outside the box and create a celebration of the year.

We hope this is something that young and old, can print this colouring template at home and enjoy.

Paige Duggan
(Ballarat Arts Foundation 2020 – Di Bresciani Drawing and Painting Award recipient)

“The top Cornflower is based on the shape of the Fiona Elsey logo.
I wanted to incorporate flowers from across as much of the globe as possible.
In this drawing you will find:
– Rose (An ancient flower found native across Asia, Europe and North America)
– Poppy -Native Across Northern hemisphere and naturalised across much of the southern hemisphere.
– Forget-Me-Nots -Native to New Zealand.
– Geraldton Wax -Native to Australia.
– Chamomile- Europe/India/Asia.
– African Daisy- Gerbera from South Africa
– English Lavender- England
-‘Sacred Lotus’ or ‘Bean of India’ (nelumbo nucifera) -Native to Asia including China and India
– Cone Flower -North America-
– Corn Flower-Native to Europe but naturalised in other places including Australia.”


We hope you enjoy this and we would love to see your work. Please share on Instagram, taging your photos #creativecoronaballarat, #ccballarat, @fionaelseycri.

Alternatively you can email a photo of your masterpiece to admin@fecri.org.au and we will share on the Institute’s page .

Together, the images will tell the story of the pandemic and how we survived – and in some ways even blossomed.

We wish you all good health and look forward to seeing what you come up with.

#creativecoronaballarat #ccballarat

Thank you to this projects supporters Helen Todd by Todd Design- Landscape Designs and the Ballarat Arts Foundation.