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Do you want to take action and support a worthy cause by hosting your own event to raise funds for the Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute?

No matter how big or small your fundraising idea, we truly appreciate your efforts. Fundraising can be an incredibly rewarding experience, particularly when your efforts are focussed on supporting a cause that you are passionate about.

You can choose to either hold your event privately or promote your event on our website, with your unique webpage to send to your friends and others who can make a donation, attributed to your fundraising event!

Due to limited resources, Institute employees are not able to assist with event logistics or PR/marketing for each individual event; however, we value your support and will strive to meet all information requests to make your event a great success.

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I have read Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Instiute's (FECRI) Fundraising Guidelines and I understand my responsibilities and obligations as the Authorised Fundraiser.

Please confirm the following:

  1. I have read the Institute 's Fundraising Guidelines and agree to abide by them at all times.
  2. I confirm that by signing this Proposal to Fundraise, I am acting on behalf of and with the authority and power to bind those individuals and companies names as the Community Fundraiser.
  3. I confirm that my proposed fundraising activities complies with all relevant legislative and local government requirements and that all appropriate permits, licenses and insurances for fundraising in the State and/or Territory where the activity is to be held will or have been obtained.
  4. I will not exploit the position as a Community fundraiser and/or the association with the Institute for personal gain.
  5. I agree that all personal and sensitive information associated with the proposed fundraising activity will be handled in accordance with all relevant privacy legislation.
  6. I confirm that any fundraising activity costs shall be all times be held to a percentage of revenue which is generally acceptable within the not-for-profit sector and by the public. The traditional percentage split is no more than 60/40 - overall activity revenue to activity costs.
  7. I will ensure that financial and activity reports are made available to the public and the Institute, including the amounts raised, how it was spent and the net proportion donated to the Institute. I confirm that any monies raised, how it was spend and the net proportion donated to the Institute. I confirm that any monies raised or donated during the fundraising activity will be used for the stated purpose for which they were raised and within any specified time frame.
  8. I agree to seek permission to use the Institute's name or logo on materials relating to the fundraising activity.
  9. I confirm that I have read and understood the above requirements and I agree, on my own behalf, and on behalf of those names as community fundraisers, to comply with them.