Past Seminars

2014 Seminar Series

Rescheduled to speak in 2014

Professor Ricky Johnstone

Assistant Director of Research

Program Co-Head, Cancer Therapeutics Program

Group Leader, Gene Regulation Laboratory

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

Title:  TBA

2013 Seminar Series

29th October 2013

Dr Prashanth Prithviraj

Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research

Level 4, Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre

10th September 2013

Dr Mark Shackleton

Medical Oncologist and Group Leader

Melanoma Research Laboratory

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Title:  TBA

27th August 2013

Dr Cameron Snell

Nuffield Medical Fellow and DPhil candidate at the University of Oxford

Current: Registrar in Anatomical Pathology at St.Vincent's Hospital Melbourne

Title:  "Targeting metabolism in tumours"

30th July 2013

Warrick Chilton, BAppSc (Human Movement)

GradDip (Exercise Rhabilitation) ESSA AEP

School of Health Sciences, University of Ballarat

Title: “The acute effects of exercise on telomere-associated genes and microRNAs.”

16th July 2013

Mehrdad Nikfarjam, MD, PhD, FRACS

Liver, Pancreas and Biliary Surgeon

Department of Surgery, Austin Health

Title: "Advancing management of pancreatic cancer - from detection to treatment"

25th June 2013

Paul Neeson, PhD

Co-lab Head and Senior Research Fellow

Haematology Immunology Translational Research Lab

Cancer Immunology Research Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Melbourne, Victoria

28th May 2013

Dr Felicity Murphy


Ballarat Oncology & Haematology Services

Title:  "MEK Inhibitors in Melanoma".

16th April 2013


19th March 2013

Prof Joseph A Trapani

Executive Director Cancer Research

Head Cancer Immunology Program

Cancer Research Division

Peter McCallum Cancer Centre

Title:  TBA

5th March 2013

Prof Andreas Strasser, MSc Basel PhD Basel FAA

Molecular Genetics of Cancer

Walter and Elizer Hall Institute

TITLE: The molecular control of cell death - how can we use this knowledge for cancer therapy

2012 Seminar Series

30th October 2012

Dr Stephen Myers

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

School of Health Sciences

University of Ballarat

9th October 2012

Prof Mark Hogarth  PhD

NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellow

Burnet Institute

11th September 2012

Dr Daniel Gray

Senior Postdoctoral Fellow

The Walter and Elizer Hall Institute

Molecular Genetics of Cancer Division

Title:  "Mechanisms of Cell Death and Tolerance of Peripheral Self"

21st August 2012

Dr Matthew Burton

Matthew Burton PhD

Head of Flow cytometry and Imaging laboratory

Murdoch Childrens Research Institute

Parkville Melb.

Title:  "A Guide to Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting"

7th August 2012

Prof David Bowtell PhD

Head, Cancer Genomics and Genetics Program

Principal Investigator Australian Ovarian Cancer Study

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Department of Biochemistry, University of Melbourne

Department of Pathology, University of Melbourne

Title:  "TBA"

10th July 2012 -Postponed - rescheduled to 11th September

19th June 2012

Dr Francine Marques, BSc(Hons) MSc

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

School of Health Sciences

University of Ballarat

Title:  "Understanding the Early Molecular Causes of Heart Enlargement"

Sponsored by: Eli Lilly

8th May 2012

Dr David Pook

Oncologist & Clinical Research Fellow

Anatomy & Developmental Biology

Monash University

Title:  "Prostate Cancer Update - Home and Abroad"

Sponsored by: Merck Sharp & Dohme (Australia)

6th March 2012

Prof Paul Waring

Head, Department of Pathology

The University of Melbourne

Title:  "Personalised Medicine - the hope and the hype"

Sponsored by; Celgene

2011 Seminar Series

8th November 2011

Professor David L Vaux, MBBS PhD FAA

Assistant Director

Head, Cell Signalling and Cell Death Division

The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

Title: Programmed Cell Death - From Bench to Bedside

Sponsored by; Celgene

18th October 2011

Yulia Sims - PhD Student

Title; "Study of Apoptosis in LCH"

Warrick Chilton - PhD Student

Title: "The Acute Effect of Cardiorespiratory Exercise on hTERT Expression in T Lymphocytes"

Sponsored by: Novartis

13th September 2011

Dr Stuart Berzins

NHMRC RD Wright Fellow

Department of Microbiology and Immunology

University of Melbourne

Title: "human NKT cells in hematological cancers and autoimmune diabetes"

Sponsored by: Specialised Therapeutics

23rd August 2011

Prof Miles Prince

Director of the Blood Cell Therapies

Peter MaCallum Cancer Centre

Title: "Clinical Applications of Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors"

Sponsored by:  Novartis

26th July, 2011

John Bower

Medical Director

GlaxoSmithKline Australia

Title: "GSK's Oncology Pipeline"

Sponsored by:  GSK

21st June, 2011

Dr Justin Binko

Medical Liaison Specialist

Pfizer Australia and New Zealand

Title: "Pfizer's Early Development Pipeline and Path Forward"

Sponsored by Pfizer

10th May, 2011

Dr Simon Pearce & Fiona Khor

Director at Surgical Research Australia & CEO of Surgical Research Australia

Founder at Veterinary Surgical and Advanced Imaging Referrals

Manager of Animal House at Flinders University

Title: "The Use of Animal models for Biomaterials Research" - Dr Simon Pearce

Title: "The Use of Animal Models for Cancer Research" - Fiona Khor

Sponsored by Astra Zeneca

12th April 2011

Dr Andrew Crowden

Senior Lecturer, Rural Health

School of Rural Health

The University of Melbourne

Title: "Research Integrity and the responsible conduct of human research"

Sponsored by Roche

22nd March 2011

Assoc Prof Damian Purcell

Senior Lecturer in Virology

Head, Molecular Virology Laboratory

Department of Microbiology and Immunology

The University of Melbourne

Title "Insights into HIV persistence and latency, the barrier to an HIV cure "

Sponsored by Pfizer

2010 Seminar Series speakers and topics

16 November 2010

Professor George Kannourakis

Director of Research

Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute

Medical Oncologist and Clinical Haematologist

Ballarat Oncology & Haematology Services (BOHS)

Title "Scientific Highlights from the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Congress"

Sponsored by Amgen

19 October 2010

Dr Craig Carden

Medical Oncologist

Ballarat Oncology & Haematology Services (BOHS)

Title "Assessing the Akt Pathway in Ovarian Cancer"

Sponsored by Janssen

21 September 2010

Paula Stoddart

National Clinical Applications Specialist

Miltenyi Biotec

Title: "Recent advances in cellular therapy"

Sponsored by Novartis

24 August 2010

Dr Scott Nankervis

Lecturer - Biomedical Science

School of Science and Engineering

University of Ballarat

Title: "The Response of Rainbow Trout Natriuretic Peptide Receptors to Changing Salinity"

Sponsored by Merck Sereno

27 July 2010

Professor Leigh Ackland

Deputy Director - Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology

School of Life and Environmental Sciences

Deakin University, Burwood

Title: "Cellular Mechanisms underlying Breast Cancer Progression"

Sponsored by Genzyme

13 July 2010 Special Extra Seminar

Dr Misty Jenkins

Research Fellow at The University of Cambridge, UK

NHMRC CJ Martin Fellow

Class A Fellow at St Edmund's College, Cambridge

Title: "Dr Misty Jenkins will talk about her research in the areas of immunology, cell biology and infectious disease with a focus on killer T cells."

29 June 2010

Professor Stephen Locarnini

Head, Research & Molecular Development

Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory

Director, WHO Collaborating Centre for Virus Reference & Research

Title: "Hepatitis C: An update on prevention and treatment"

Sponsored by Hospira

18 May 2010

Dr Linfa Wang

CEO Science Leader

CSIRO Livestock Industries

Australian Animal Health Laboratory Geelong

Title: "Emergence of bat-borne zoonotic viruses: from Hendra to Melaka"

Sponsored by Novartis

13 April 2010

Dr Nina Fotinatos

Lecturer - Biomedical Science

School of Science and Engineering

University of Ballarat

Title: "The Impact of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Ballarat"

Sponsored by Roche

16 March 2010

Professor Alex Pitman

Director of PET and Nuclear Medicine,

Lake Imaging at St John of God Hospital Ballarat.

Adjunct Professor (Medical Imaging) University of Notre Dame Australia.

Professorial Fellow, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology,

The University of Melbourne

Title: "Performance of problem solving breast MR in the Australian non-screening population"

Sponsored by Sanofi Aventis