New work into aggressive breast cancer

Congratulations to our team of Dr Arpita Poddar, Dr Prashanth Prithviraj, Professor George Kannourakis and Dr Aparna Jayachandran who have recently published research ‘Crosstalk between immune checkpoint modulators, metabolic reprogramming and cellular plasticity in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer’ in Current Oncology.

This is nanoparticle specialist, Dr Poddar’s first publication at the Institute, since joining the research group in mid-2022.

One million cases of breast cancer diagnosed around the world each year, 15-20% are TNBCs. TNBC is more aggressive than other breast cancer subtypes. TNBC patients have a median survival of <14 months once cancer has spread.
TNBC has limited treatment options and leads to significantly lower survival rates.

The group have reviewed how the interplay of tumour characteristic factors causing immune-checkpoint-inhibitor based immunotherapy to fail in TNBC. We report the relevance of crosstalk between various cellular features on the outcomes of immunotherapy and highlight the need for combination treatments. Through detailed understanding of the biological backdrop, patient outcomes will be significantly improved.