FAQ- Lighthouse Classic

Frequently Asked Questions

When can we do the walk or run?

Anywhere! You can organise your own walk or run to a significant monument (such as a lighthouse), touch it, and return. If you live or are holidaying on the Great Ocean Road, why not try the Urquhart Bluff to Aireys Lighthouse walk.

When can we do the walk or run?

Any day in January, wherever you are! Just please make sure you check your local weather and fire forecasts before the day.

Can I go with a friend?
Yes it’s a good idea to walk with at least one other person, being mindful of COVID restrictions.

Where do I pick up my cap?

There are 3 options:

Postage is available before 13th Dec 20

Picked up from the Anglesea Information Centre Carpark opposite Maid Marion’s General Store -119 Great Ocean Road, Anglesea, Sunday 27th Dec between 2-3pm

Or at the Eagles Nest Fine Art Gallery-48 Great Ocean Rd, Aireys Inlet

Where do we start?

It is up to you! The only criteria for this event is to touch a significant monument. If you choose to do the Urquhart Bluff to Aireys Lighthouse walk, start at the back of the lower car park at Urquhart Bluff for the 6km one way to the Airey’s lighthouse (or the 12km return walk/run). If that doesn’t suit you, pick your own adventure to a significant landmark!


Adhere to COVID restrictions as they apply in your area.

What should I do if someone is in difficulty and cannot continue?

Follow first aid processes, stay with the person and ring 000 for assistance. This event is not supported.

Is this event supported?

No this event is not support. Please refer to the participant waiver on registration.

Urquhart Bluff to Airey Inlet Lighthouse Track & Local Informationclick here